Paint a French Cafe Scene in Watercolour

A splash of sunshine | taught by Peter Wood
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Peter Wood
Peter Wood

About the instructor

Art, especially painting, is a part of Peters being! He enjoys working in multi mediums and being able to explore his feelings about the abstract and figurative by making a statement in any way or mixture that best suits the subject. Being a natural teacher, film maker and photographer have enabled Peter to transfer his knowledge into a plethora of art lessons and wisdom that you as the student can now have access to. So join Peter for another fascinating art lesson and watch your ability grow as you learn!

Capture the sunshine and lazy light of a Parisian cafe in summer with this wonderful watercolour lesson by Peter Woods. In this lesson you will learn how to:

  • preserve lights.
  • paint wet into wet
  • keep colours fresh
  • use darks effectively

Course Contents

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1.0 hr